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Twister Blue


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Attention all free spirits who enjoy the simple things in life, yet want to experience it all! Let us introduce you to our multi-talented new-age kite, TWISTER. The 2-strut design and lightweight construction deliver so much low-end performance that you will want to go down a kite size or two! The dynamic yet simple bridle allows more depower while the delta hybrid shape of the kite makes relaunching easy peasy. So enjoy the freedom of riding waves one session and big boosting the next, with our most versatile kite, TWISTER.

IKA Big Air Kiteboarding World Champion winner kite.

Main features:

  • Versatile kite – Suitable for all levels of riders
  •  Low weight & high quality combined
  • Incredible low wind performance
  • Great depower
  • Delta hybrid design – easy relaunch
  • Ease and siplicity
  • Teijin Technoforce D2 Conopy Material
  • Dimension Polyant Dacron for the Leading Edge and Struts

Regular price (depends on size):

850€ – 1375€

Product details: