Team Pro v2

Wakestyle | Wakeboarding Cable


136×41 | 138×42 | 142×44

The idea of creating a board that would be equally good for wakeboarding and kiteboarding brings big sucess. The big rocker gives comfort, massive pop, total control and smooth landings. Made from paulownia wood core. The Team Pro is very flexible and praticly indestructible. It been used to win the IKA freestyle world championship. So no worry, you can land your best wakestyle and freestyle tricks without problem!

Main features:

  • Crossover kite-wake board
  • 3 stage hybrid rocker
  • super durable paulownia wood core
  • enviromental friendly resin sidewalls
  • Insane pop for jumps and technical tricks
  • Triple Concave channels guarantee perfect traction.

Complete Board Price

816 €