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Felix Antonio Martinez - Posito

Hello, My name is Felix Antonio Martinez better know as Posito Martinez. I’m a professional kiteboarder from Dominican Republic. I grew up at ‘’la curva’’ Cabarete, right in front of kite beach the famous kiteboarding spot. Therefore it was natural for me to get intrested in the sport.

I’ve started kiteboarding when I was eight years old, working as an instructor assistant at the beach, practicing to improve my riding technique and developing my own equipment from raw materials available to me.

My professional carrer started in 2010 at Master of the Ocean, where I got 3rd place. Next year in 2011 I went first time for International Championships that took place in Leucate, France. Since then I was ranked as one of the top 10 riders in the world.         In 2016 finally I got crowned as the  IKA Kiteboarding World Champion in Freestyle and Big Air.

Currently I’m living and working in Poland as product development and team manager in DaSilvaSports company. You can meet and see me training and testing new equipment in top kite hotspots around the world.

  • Country: Dominican Republic

  • Birth date: 09.07.1994

  • IKA 2016 Kitesurfing World Champion in Freestyle and Big Air

Felix Antonio Martinez Posito, Dominican Republic

DaSilva Kiteboarding Pro Rider Felix Antonio Martinez ,,Posito” dominating his home spot in Cabarete, DR.
Filmed at Kitebeach and Encuentro.

Music by: Xtortion Audio – Untouchable

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